August 1, 2004

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Letters of encouragement

I am a single christian and have felt for a long time that when I get married, birth control would not be a part of my marriage. That feeling has gotten stronger over the years. I have been concerned about married christian couples using it, but it was based on my own personal spiritual convictions. Your website gave me facts to back up what was in my heart. I have been sharing it with women that have been struggling with choosing to use birth control pills. Thank you for giving life the research it needed and deserves.


I think that what you guys do is such a wonderful thing. Not many people really realize how out of control this country has gotten with abortions. Most women think of it as just another birth control form and it's not it's the murder of a young life that god meant for to live. I had my first child at the age of 19 a year after I got married and no we weren't trying but she was a blessing from god. Many of our friends asked if we were keeping it like it was a lost dog we found on the side of the street. My answer was the same to all of them that god would not have given her to me if he knew that we couldn't handle it. She is 3 years old now and her and my son are the best thing that could have ever happened in my life. I am so glad that you are getting out there and making other women realize what they are really doing is murder not fixing a problem.


I just wanted to thank you guys for all the scripture based articles on the web site. I'm getting married in 3 months, and I just started taking birth control about 2 weeks ago. I had been questioning if birth control was right, and a good friend led my fiance and I to your web site. Anyways, we have prayed about this issue and decided not to have any form of birth control. Just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement and scripture to back your beliefs..


I found a link some where on google. I ended up on a site that turned out to be yours, I have heard a little about the" right for life " campaign in USA , ( I live on an Island off the coast of Australia) .

I read everything on you site, I was amazed at your dedication and perseverance, I pray to the almighty that you have the strength to continue the good work you are doing.

I will flag your site and I believe I will become a regular visitor, you may be interested to know that I am a 54 yr old male married, three children ( regretfully the lord saw fit to take one of our children from us a few years ago) , a liberal and open minded at heart , but dogmatic about what is right and wrong, I try to live by Christian values but I sometimes fail.

>" May your God be with you " Peter J Tubbs Australia


I just wanted to let you know my name is Stacie Kervin and my husband and I attend Regent University. I got your email and as I was reading all the things you and your family does I was really amazed. It is a blessing to see what you are doing! The Laws in which are fore fathers once stood for that were biblical and now being cheapened by legislators who are not biblical. I pray that the Lord bless you abundantly for what you are doing. I will send your email to all my friends and family back home and ask them that they help financially support you. My husband and I would like to support your ministry to continue the Godly effort of saving God's precious children and help keep the Godly laws our fathers had once instilled in this nation.


Hi, your ministry is a blessing, I pray the Lord Jesus will strengthen you and continue to help and encourage you in this work. Keep fighting the good fight and exposing sin for what it really is, as eloquently stated in Ephesians 5:11,12. God bless you and keep you.

A letter we received following our 2005 Campus Tour

My name is Amanda. I am a student at VCU and attended classes Wednesday, during your visit to the campus. I am a pro-life Christian, and I wanted to let you know how big of an impact you had on the students. There was so much emotion....some students were angry....some were sad...but all were moved, and i think most were convicted. The truth trucks were really a useful tool in getting the message across. In each of my classes...the flyers were being passed around and abortion was the center of every conversation. Even today, Thursday, the conversation still lingered. I just wanted to thank you for your visit and also thank you for standing firm in your beliefs and being an example for all of us.

Responses to Concerning A World Without Walls

Wow, Mr. Green. Thank you. Everything you said here is so very true. How convicting it brought tears to my eyes. I'm certainly going to pass it around.


Your right, you are absolutely right. But since the walls are there, our signs, our literature, our preaching, and our witness have a profound impact. I would that our world would need no walls. I'm glad it is not my home.


What a word!!!! I do not know how vast your mailling list is but not enough Pastors, teachers, Evangelist, and lay persons heard this message.


Dennis, HALLELUYAH!!! You speak my heart. Every day, as my children and I read and study Yahweh's Word and see the judgement He metes out for disobedience and doing what is right in one's own eyes, I think how complacent we are to sin in this age!!! Yahweh have mercy on me, I know I sin, too, but we are so "moderate" now that we no longer have the conviction He desires us to have. "Unconditional love" has superceded the desire for righteousness, and we accept sin in our midst without the slightest rebuke.

Responses regarding LLM's Truth Truck

I thank you for your strength, courage and pictorial approach to this evil that has infected our nation. You, your family and ministry are and will continue to be in my prayers. God's blessings be with you!


Thanks for all your efforts--it's been very encouraging to read about the lives being saved because of your work.

Responses to Wolves and Children

Amen to you editorial about the wolves at the abortion clinics. I think we'd all be startled at the percentage of 'Christians' having abortions performed...


Thanks for sharing your pro-life heart, Dennis. I can empathize and sympathize with your seemingly thankless efforts. But let me assure you that God keeps perfect records and may you be encouraged accordingly.


I share your thoughts on wolves. You know, it's one thing to have God haters yell and scream at you, but very disheartening to have professing Christians act like devils.

God bless you and your ministry work. I sure couldn't even imagine the earthly and eternal consequences that your minstry work is producing. It was a real joy to get to know you and thanks for being a real encouragement to me and a real role model of a godly man walking by faith.


I am so thankful for your work and I encourage you to stand each day that the Lord Jesus gives to you. I know all too well of many voices from many different parts of the body of Christ who are all also crying in the wilderness to deaf ears. However, as much as we feel that no one is listening, we can rest asure in peace that God's Word does not return void. The so called "Christian" murderers that you have encountered in wolves' clothing will most certainly be cut to the heart by God's Word. Pretending to be deaf and certain of their actions to me is just an act in a play that will soon end in disaster. I pray that you receive your daily dose of the most powerful invigorating name in the universe.... Yashuah/ Jesus the Christ/ the Messiah. Amen I also pray for the wolves who will eventually face an incredible horror either in this world or the next...


God has made it real simple for us. Either it is good or bad. The hard part is, he give's us a choice. Some day in heaven, you may have a person walk up to you and say, "did you know my Mother did not kill me, because of the words that you spoke, and the light that helped to you shine into her soul? Would that make it worth being hated by some, loved by, but a few. Keep your head up the worst is yet to come, of this I'am sure. My prayers are for all that resist the darkness.

Responses to The Refining of a Burdened and Unworthy Disciple

Thanks for the letter. I am going to read the Bible right now because of the Holy Spirit convicting me through your letter. Please pray also for my family that they also would all be drawn to Him like a moth to a flame...


I could tell HE has been working anew in you for a while by your words and actions. Ever since two years ago when we were at Lee Davis for "sodomy" day and I heard those kids saying " they were Chrisitians but they did not care what the Bible says" I have thought people need to hear the Word. The people in the church need to hear the Word and act on it. What good does it do if everyone in the church nods in assent to the fact that sodomy and abortion and divorce are wrong but just go on doing it.

You are right my friend. The closer and truer you preach it the more burns and injuries are to come. Jesus said "count the cost" and He was talking about the "bad" costs. The church does not want to hear this. They want to hear "smooth" things.


I will pray for you brother and would ask that you pray for me also.


Amen. I will pray for you and I ask prayer for my hard heart to be made pliable and tender in the Master's Hands.


Look out! King Jesus is preparing you for more missionary service! "Father, stick us in the fire and burn the chaff out of us!"

Your quote for the day is from Pastor Sze in China: "Before prison we heard about God. But in prison we experienced God."

If some righteous men don't take serious this call to Revival or death, our children will grow up praying and begging Jesus to move on the hearts of the local U.N. health officers to grant them a permit to have their government-allotted one child.

Very dark days are ahead. Time to shine all the more brightly.


Your email is very powerful. I understand what you are experiencing. The deeper walk comes through the suffering - something most Americans dont want to hear. The genocide of a generation of Americans has been done under the "rule of law" and now the culture of death advances to the infirmed and disabled. The suffering you are undergoing is preparation for greater strength and power to serve Him. Who knows how many will die before the culture of death has its run in this country? I sense many of us will spend time in prison.

However, we can rejoice in the Resurrected Christ because He has destroyed death by His own death and set us free!


I thank you for sending me your heart felt thoughts. You are a great example of a true disciple of Jesus to me and my family!!!! I agree with your statements and I struggle with the same disappointments of the "Church" as you do. It grieves my spirit to see the apathy and depravity of the American churches. We are always praying for you and the ministry God has called you too.


I thank God for you and the work you do. Thank you for keeping me updated on your ministry activities. I have asked the Lord to bless, strengthen and encourage you.


Someone sent me your message regarding your refining. If it were not so, you would still be posing. Praise God that your eyes are being opened and your ears are hearing. As the refining continues, your faith will focus more and more on your only hope. Keep going dear brother. You have found your treasure. And you will see his face clearly one day. There is no escaping the potter's hand. You are his masterpiece. His work will continue with each day. In the midst of the fire, continue to sow the seeds of love and thanksgiving for when tomorrow becomes today, your harvest will be great. I tell you there is a wildfire coming and though it is just beginning, it will encompass the earth. No one will escape this fire. It will destroy the earth. All that will remain are those that have been purified. Bless his name (by continuing to sow) and pray for the fire to grow.


I completely understand your words of truth and I yell AMEN! I do pray for you, because I know to a lesser degree the strength you must draw from Christ for your daily walk.

I am another part of the body (with many brothers) who are feeling similar pain for what God has called us to do and preach. There is a daily cross to bear and fire for refinement. Our thoughts and prayers are with and you family, and we can count on Yashuah to bless you richly sooner or later.

Response regarding the Ephesus Project

As a result of your project, rest assured that I not only intend to support as many of these businesses as possible when I am in the Richmond area, but I also intend to request that all my friends and asociates do the same. In addition, I intend to contact each business and offer my congratulations and support for standing up to you wingnuts-on-parade, and I also intend to add your LOCAL Planned Parenthood to my annual gift contributions. I'm even going to try to find a few items to donate to their silent auction each year--and there's not a damned thing you and your control-freak ilk can do about it.

I hope the backlash from this lands on your fascist faces...this is why I vote for pro-choice Democrats and stay out of churches.

Response to the Editorial Piece entitled, "Richmond Public Education: Reading, Writing and Sodomy"

Nothing more hypocritical than an offended Christian To the editor: I was quite amused to read Dennis Green's letter to your paper responding the Richmond School Board president posting to a gay dating site. Judging from Mr. Green's reaction, one would think that Mr. Johnson had been caught sexually molesting young boys, or was caught otherwise committing a blatantly illegal act. To my knowledge homosexuality is no longer illegal in Virginia; it certainly might go against the "moral temper of the community", but should not disqualify a person from teaching in public schools. If Mr. Green were to peruse this gay dating site that so offends his delicate sensibilities, I imagine he'd find more than a few members of "Life and Liberty Ministries" posting ads for dating on this "graphic" site. As we've seen in Washington DC recently, there really is nothing more hypocritical in the world than an offended Christian.

Response to LLM's Gospel Tract Distribution Campaign

Okay, look. I am a homesexual and I received one of these flyers of you telling me that I will be damned for my homosexuality. So, i'm letting you know that you need to check your bible, because if you judge someone then you will be judged for judging. The bible also says that you can be forgiven for all your sins. So, I don't ever want to see one of these flyers on my car again. I feel that it is harassment. I am not afraid of filing harassment charges. If people are looking for religion then they will come to you. You don't need to go around and push your religion on other people. It isn't right. So, I suggest that you stop with the flyers.


Dear Mr. Green,

Something bad happened recently in the Richmond community and it concerns your ministry.

After a shopping trip at Pet Smart off Midlothian Turnpike, I returned to my car to find a leaflet on the windshield from The Life and Liberty Ministries. It read, "Who Will Jesus Damn?" and targeted homosexuals among others.

As a gay man, I'm angered by your actions here. Despite the seemingly harmless delivery of your "street witnessing", and your perceived level of positive acceptance in the community, I saw this as a biased message crime and trespassing.

You're hatefulness makes you no better than fringe neo-Nazi or Ku Klux Klan groups. I encourage diverse thinking -- even when it disagrees with my own. But, you've no right to put hate propaganda on another's private property. Too, you're inciting fear in the community based on ignorance and fundamentalist beliefs.

I'm sending a clear and strong message that what you have done is wrong and should be illegal. And if I see or hear of future examples where you've promoted your hateful messaging in this way, I will contact area legislators and law enforcement officials to pursue legal action.

Hate Mail from the tolerant masses

I am a 30 year old christian woman. I've spent the last 11 years defending this country in the armed forces. Just as I am defending your right to freedom of speech, I am also defending a woman's LEGAL, GOD GIVEN and SUPREME COURT BACKED right to choose. It's exactly that. A right to choose. I am ashamed to call you fellow American's and fellow christians because you represent exactly what's wrong with America. I pray for you and I also pray that you don't convince another woman to change her mind when she's had to struggle with it already. I pray that you aren't able to hurt another person.


Ok abortion is wrong but........ the pictures are outrageous and god does not hate anyone read the bible every sin is forgiven. the people who have abortion have to deal wityh their choice but not everyone needs to see them


I hope you stand behind your faith as you face God himself and are asked why you failed to obey Jesus' greatest commandment, to "love one another?"

He who is without sin shall cast the first stone.

Your filthy ministry propogates hatred and civil unrest. You should be ashamed.


You and your group should be ashamed of yourselves. Going to schools to harass young students, shame on you. I believe the popular question is "What would Jesus do?" Well I dont claim to know the answer but trying to scare the hell out of innocent school children certainly isnt.


just a note to say i saw your absolute vulgar way of getting your message out i was sickened by the truck you have cruising the va. beach oceanfront. Thank god my children wernt with me to see this awful display of that horrindous sight My opinion would be that you would show how blessed it is to have children .you should be ashamed .


I am not a pro-choice advocate, I am a Catholic who is raising her family with values and morals, and I find your values and morals to be completely void. Your organization and your methods sicken me...


I have to say that when this arrived at my doorstep, I was not aware that such blatant hate and intolerance existed in this world. I am a Christian woman, my husband is the Pastor of our Church, and both he and I were appalled at your utter and complete hatred. The reality of Scripture is, in Jesus' words, "... all that really matters: Love God with everything in you and love your neighbor as yourself." I cannot comment on you and your "followers" love for God. (Unlike you, I realize condemning people to hell isn't my job), but your gross distortion of "love your neighbor" is laid out quite clearly. My family, and my friends are all suffering from Post-Traumatic Evangelism Syndrome, we implore people to contact an ordained minister or priest associated with a local church for a true and balanced view of Christianity. For you are off the righteous path. Please remember, we are not in the 1800's. Please also remember that not everyone in this world believes the same as you. Only God can judge. And I trust (although, I wouldn't doubt it) you don't believe yourself to be God. I am praying that God will help you find your way back to his light.


One of your huge anti-abortion signs on the back of a huge truck (Tenn. license plate) was so disgusting that I cannot believe your group would do such a thing. It was a photo of a bloody fetus, well formed with eyes, ears, nose, etc.

I am definitely pro choice and now I am anti-YOUR group. This is a free country but I certainly don't want to ever be driving behind such a sign. It was nauseating and rude and in very poor taste to get your message across. Such a sign could cause traffic accidents. You can turn people AGAINST your cause for such display.

Why don't you publicize and try to get people to use birth control, abstinence or any method that works to keep abortion to a minimum. There are too many illegitimate babies born to promiscuous women that want the government to support their offspring and want welfare from the hard working Americans who are able to control their sex drives and who keep from getting pregnant.

That's my gripe. No need to reply. /s/ a single, never-been pregnant, female senior.


How can you people do what you do? Is it o.k. to kill thousands of Iraqi's? How about in the name of God and morality deny a woman's right to not be artificially kept alive when her own wish is that she be allowed to die if she ends up in the condition she's in? (I refer to Terri in Florida) How absolutely and completely you misunderstand what you perceive as the "truth".......may God have mercy on you.


I would like to speak my mind here if you please...

My friend sent me a link because she thought I would be interested in what kind of people you are. I think you are terrible people who try to stretch the truth, lie even, to make woman do what YOU would like them to do. Not taking consideration for whats best for anyone else in the situation. You say, kill an inoccent child? It is NOT a child yet. Its a bunch of cells forming inside a womans body, becoming a child, but when they perform abortions, it is not a child. No one is killing anything but cells. Let me put something in your mind. If you were raped and somehow got pregnant, would you want to carry that assholes child for 9 months? Would you want to give birth to that child? Would you want to look at that child and be remembered day in and day out, what horrible thing happened to you? And how about this scenario... You got pregnant, you dont have much money. Would you want to bring a child into this world knowing you couldnt provide for it as well as it deserves? I believe in abortion 100%. And some would say that you can always put your child up for adoption as opposed to abortion. Lets say abortion was illegal and those who would have aborted, gave children up for adoption, do you know how many children would be in the system? There wouldnt be enough homes, taxes would ride. Agencies would not have enough money to support it. The childs life would be a living hell. Being put up for adoption these days is bad enough. I believe it is a woman's choice and sometimes abortion is the best choice she can make. For her and the cells that would be her child one day.

I myself, had an abortion. I always said I didnt believe in it for personal reasons, but it was never a bad thing in my mind. But when I got pregnant I had a desicion to make. It was a very tough one, it kept me awake at night. I thought long and hard about it, but time was running out. I decided to have an abortion because I knew I couldnt provide the kind of life a child needs. I am in school, I work hard and there was no way I could do that. I did it for myself, of course. But I also did it to SAVE a child's life. If I had given birth, there is a chance my child wouldn't have had a very good life, as well as myself. I feel I did the right thing. I feel I saved a life. When I went to the clinic there was one woman protesting. I was already terrified enough. And to see that, put me over the edge. I want to get out and give her a piece of my mind, but I'm not going to let people like that, like you, to get the best of me. People like that are close minded. People like that have never had to go through something like what I've been through. I consider those people weak, and I am strong. And I am smart.

I think you need to take a step back and put yourself in a situation, I mean REALLY put yourself in a situation. Think of how it would feel. Think of how you would feel if you gave birth and ruined a child's life. I think none of you have gone through what I have, and because of that, you have no right to tell someone what is "right" from "wrong". I think you need to stop being so close minded. I think you need to give people a break from this shit. Its hard enough to go through something like that. And then to have people belittle your values is awful. I think people like you are awful. And personally, I think you sometimes lead people to make the wrong decision. Please re-consider your opinions. Im not saying change them, but rather think about what you are really doing. If abortion is ever made illegal I think it will be a very sad day. Woman are strong and we know how to fight this.


How dare you leave such a pamphlet on my doorstep for my children to find? I'm sure you think you are justified but I will be reporting your groups activities to my Neighborhood Association, my Richmond City Council Member, and the police. A door marked "NO SOLICITERS" means I don't want unsolicited garbage on my porch.

Don't even bother to reply to this, it will go into my Junk Box and I won't read it.


You homophobic hippocrites make me sick. You should be ashamed.


If the Christians are right, and the whole god and heaven and hell thing really is the way things are, then I'm pretty sure tolerance and forgiveness, not harassment and hate are the qualities that will get you where you need to go.

That is, IF the Christians are right. Nobody knows for certain exactly why we are here, and what happens to us after death. That's why it is called FAITH, you know, not TRUTH. You have FAITH that god exists , and that if you behave in a way that you BELIEVE god wants you to, you MIGHT get rewarded after you die.

You don't know. I don't know.

However, know this: If you and your organization spent a little more effort practicing tolerance and being good, forgiving human beings, being decent people, you can be sure you'll get a little more of what you are looking for: Respect for your cause.

However, since I have FAITH that you are probably a bunch of brain-washed religious nut jobs whose faith has turned squarely into DISILLUSIONMENT, I'm sure you will read this, laugh at my naivity, and go on about your sick, twisted ways. Stop trying to please someone you only THINK MIGHT exist, and start showing yourself in a better light to those who do.

As it stands right now, you sick bastards are no more good or holy than common criminals.

Oh, and if it turns out the whole Christianity thing is right, then good luck with that whole Heaven thing. WHo knows, though? Maybe god likes intolerance.



I am a student at the University of Virginia and was handed one of your fliers containing extremely graphic pictures of aborted babies. I tried to call the number on the flier but it wouldn't let me through, so email is the best I've got. Firstly, I am against abortion at any trimester, so I stand for what you stand for. So now that we are for the same cause, let me ask you why...why do you have children handing these fliers out? Your goal is to protect the innocent, correct? Well answer this are protecting the innocent by putting the innocent on streets handing out pamphlets that would be considered, for lack of a better word..."Rated R." I am sickened by the fact that advocates of protecting the most precious things in life, our children, would even dare to put those same innocent beings on the side of a street with what I consider a very traumatic display of images. I watched as my fellow students were disgusted by the images they saw and discarded the flyer...some covering their mouths and their your shock approach worked...the reason I bring this up is because if adult students are horrified by the images in your flier, imagine what goes through the mind of a child when they are exposed to images half as gruesome as those they are distributing. The back page reads "Our prayer is that people would be moved with compassion for the helpless preborn when they see these photographs and act to see this bloodshed outlawed. Otherwise, God will use His sword of justice and bring retribution upon a nation of people whose hands are covered with blood." You are so deadset on protecting the unborn child, that you have forgotten about those experiencing the joy of life as I type!!!! What is God thinking when he sees your children being emotionally scared, disturbed, and horrified because of what you are putting them through. I will pray for those children tonight and I will pray for you, the adults who have neglected their children in hopes that your kids may not be harmed by your incompetence and that God doesn't strike "His" sword down on you all. Peace be with you.


Your distribution of anti-abortion, right wing, fundamentalist fliers on the UVa campus is highly offensive. If I have anyone else push one of these pieces of garbage into my hands without so much as asking if I would like to see it or not, I'll contact the President of the University to request that he look into prohibiting you from distributing these in the future. Second to this, I urge you to seek pictures of a reputable origin as opposed to the images that you currently have. They are very suspicious and seem to be pictures of mockups that you want everyone to see. Finally, I believe that the act of forcing your religion and or religious morals on others is an ironic and naive use of your time. After all, it was the Christians who started the Crusades, killing countless people and destroying homes and cities. In the future, you should look into these things.


Your anti abortion campaign with the offensive fake pictures is an abomination. Stop the stupidity. You have corrupted and dragged the meaning of christianity to the depths of hell. Judge not...

Christianity is not hate.


You people are disgusting! Trying to tell women they have to have as many babies as possible or else they're "killing" them?!? Don't you realize that birth control PREVENTS abortions? You're sick and cruel. You think you're spreading God's word, but you don't know anything about it. Jesus taught us to be kind to one another and respectful of those who are less fortunate...what happens to the women you convince not to have an abortion or to not even take birth control, when they have lots of children and can't afford to feed them--especially single mothers? Don't you dare come near William & Mary--you keep your sick and bigoted lies away from our campus! Just stay away!


I almost ran over one of your protesters on the street the other day when they were protesting on the street outside the new Hburg High School . It would be a real shame if someone is standing in the street becomes injured. What happened is that I was giving them the middle finger and almost lost control of the steering wheel.

This world is fastly becoming overpopulated and abortion is the best way to control the worlds population. Many will die if overpopulation isn't stopped. Gay people are not actually doing this earth a favor by not having children. They are heros actually.

What about all the children being killed by American soldiers in Iraq?

What about all the violence in our slaughterhouses? We don't even need meat in our diet but people that brag about eating meat never even work in a slaughterhouse.

I doubt if you people even know who wrote the bible and when it was written. Have you ever heard the verse" pull the stone out of your own eye before you pull the spec of dirt out of someone elses" What about " judge not lest you be judged"?

White man murdered all the native people living on this land. Don't guess you think that murder was bad ,do you? What about the witches that were burned in Salem not because of doing witchcraft but because of being suspected of witchcraft.

Posted: August 1, 2004 7:05 AM
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