January 8, 2005

One blocks, one kills! True contraceptives block the union of sperm and egg, therefore preventing fertilization. Abortifacients prevent the fertilized egg (blastocyst), the developing human being, from implanting in the lining of the womb or by destroying it thereafter. In short, a true contraceptive prevents pregnancy; an abortifacient kills the newly created human being.

“The only true contraceptives that exist are surgical sterilization and the barrier methods, which include the male and female condom, diaphragm, vaginal sponge, cervical cap, and spermicidal foams, creams and suppositories.” Each of these can “prevent conception by one or more of four specific actions. It can: place an actual mechanical barrier such as a condom or cervical cap between the sperm and ovum to prevent them from uniting; thicken the cervical mucus; inhibit ovulation, thereby preventing the release of a mature ovum; block the Fallopian tube or vas deferens through sexual sterilization. All of these means prevent a new human being from being created.” (Brian Clowes, The Facts of Life)

“There are over 30 'contraceptive' pills on the market…They 'prevent' pregnancy through three separate functions:
1. They thicken the mucus plug at the cervix. If this is the primary effect, then it truly is contraceptive because it prevents sperm from entering.

2. They prevent release of the ovum. If this is the primary effect, then the function is 'temporary sterilization'.

3. They render the lining of the womb hostile to the implantation of the tiny new human being at one week of life. This effect is abortifacient.” (emphasis added) (Dr. & Mrs. Willke, Abortion Questions & Answers)

Dr. Bogomir M. Kuhar, in his booklet “Infant Homicides Through Contraceptives” lists the names of contraceptives and abortifacients. His study on this subject is intensive and extremely complete. He states, “Infant Homicides Through Contraceptives is a survey of research and literature clearly and unequivocally providing the conclusion that all steroid-based so-called 'contraceptives' and many other products are abortifacients in some instances, often more than has been surmised previously. Using statistics from the pharmaceutical manufacturers of these abhorrent chemicals and the U.S. federal government's own agencies, it conservatively estimates the horrific numbers of preborn children silently slaughtered in the early days.”(emphasis added)

Brian Clowes separates abortifacients into two categories: “The first type includes drugs and devices designed to continually maintain a certain level of abortifacient in the system and repeatedly kill early preborn children before implantation…such as birth prevention pills (oral contraceptives), intrauterine devices (IUDs), Depo-Provera and Norplant. The second type is used to kill a preborn child who is known or suspected to exist and includes the RU-486 abortion pill, 'doubling up' on oral contraceptives, and methotrexate/misoprostol combination.” Most familiar of the 'doubling up' oral contraceptives are the 'emergency contraceptive pills' and the so-called 'morning after pills'. Pill dosage is increased in relation to the length of time since sexual intercourse. Now consider school-age girls having access to these pills 'when needed'. What will their bodies be like after absorbing these steroids and hormones? Newsday reported that the maker of a morning-after pill is about to begin government-sanctioned studies to see if the emergency contraceptive can sell without a doctor's prescription, and that 60 medical and women's groups filed an unusual petition with the FDA urging over-the-counter sale.

The “M & M” (methotrexate/misoprostol) drugs are 96% lethal through 9 weeks of pregnancy. This involves several visits to a clinic, an injection, and 5 to 7 days later a vaginal suppository. “…fewer and fewer women are using true contraceptives and surgical abortion, and more are using abortifacient chemicals…Abortifacients are much more effective at ending pregnancies than contraceptives are at preventing them.” (Brian Clowes)

Until the late 1960's, the medical profession accepted the definition of the word “contraceptive” to mean “opposed to conception.” “At about that time, pro-abortion and population control groups intentionally began to blur the line between contraceptives…and abortifacients…This semantic subterfuge was committed for three purposes: 1) to anticipate the shift in abortions from surgical butchery to silent chemical killings, which are much more acceptable to the public; 2) to protect the availability of abortifacients should surgical abortion be outlawed; 3) to promote the use of abortifacients, which, as a class, have a higher effectiveness rate than do contraceptives…the pharmaceutical companies-the New Abortionists-have merely downplayed, but not denied, the deleterious and-at times-life-threatening side effects so common with chronic ingestion of the potent steroids found in OC's, even the newer, so-called 'safer' low-dose multi-phasic combinations…There is increasing research and theorizing that the immune suppression acted out by OC's is a contributing factor in the increased incidence of heterosexually-contracted HIV infection.” (Brian Clowes) Abortifacients do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases!

There are more than 200 abortifacients under research at the present time. Progestin plays a large part in the action of these death instruments, such as vaginal rings, IUDs and progestin-only creams and lotions that could be applied to the skin.

“As one cartoonist noted a few years ago, scientists whose product killed preborn children used to moan 'We're ruined!' Now they happily exclaim 'We're rich!'” (Brian Clowes)

by Dolores Andreski and Regina Carbonaro Life News - 4 -July 2002

Posted: January 8, 2005 4:39 PM
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