"Banishment" from a Public Library?

August 20, 2005

I recently received a letter from a local Public Library that was not unexpected. Over the years I have sought to educate the public with regard to the murder of the preborn. Public libraries are a great place to disperse information.

In most Public Libraries you can find books with graphic nudity, perversion, introductions to the sodomite lifestyle and the like. The American Library Association will let most anything pass as "good literature" and they raise their voice against "censorship" if ever a "prudish" individual questions a selection in the collection of literature on their shelves.

The ALA opposes any restrictions on access to pornography in public libraries--even for children.

Here is the the letter I received.

Mr. Green:

On Friday, August 12th, a library staff member observed you inserting anti-abortion cards in several books in the Young Adult section of the Powhatan County Public Library. These cards have also been found throughout the Adult collection, the Front Display Case, the Meeting Room hallway and the Men's bathroom.

Library policy forbids soliciting, campaigning and petitioning in the Library and in and around Library entryways. Furthermore, materials placed in public display areas must be suitable for viewing by all ages. No materials may be distributed to the public without the Library Director's approval.

Failure to comply with library policies will result in banishment from the Powhatan County Public Library.

Kim Armentrout
Library Director


I must say that this is the first threat of banishment I have ever received. I wonder if I had brought pornography into the library, would I have received the same letter.

Let me explain.

Some time ago I approached the Library Director to ask why there were no internet filters on the computers that were available for public use. Many Public Libraries are notorious for making internet pornography accessable to their patrons.

I heard several of the same excuses that I had heard before at other Public Libraries.

"It's not a problem here" and "filters are too expensive".

I even offered to pay for the filtering software. Ultimately, the truth seems to be that many Public Libraries just simply don't want to place any limits on the internet pornography that can be accessed on their computer screens.

As I looked through this particular library, I saw books with photographs of graphic sex that had been approved by the Library Director.

I saw books in the Young Adult section that encouaged young girls to have their preborn babies killed and even provided contact information for abortion providers.

The items that are "suitable for viewing by all ages" in this library are clearly not items that would make it onto lists of most people.

So here I stand, with the threat of "banishment" hanging over my head. What are my options here?

1. I could just forget about the murdered preborn and the command to speak out on their behalf. I could simply hang out with the children at the Library looking at the porn in their books and on their computers. This would be acceptable to the ALA and I probably wouldn't receive any threatening letters.


2. I could just go on speaking out on behalf of my King wherever that may be. This may not be nearly as acceptable to those who stock the bookshelves but I think it is the better of the two choices.

I encourage you to stand against the flood of sin that seeks to overwhelm the young people in your community. You can make a difference for good. Though you may find yourself "banished", there will be a place prepared for you if you remain faithful to your King.

Posted: August 20, 2005 9:49 PM
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