LLM Update

November 1, 2011

Hello from the Greens!

The Green Nation is ever growing. Our youngest is nearly a year old and Caleb,21, is now in a courtship! Please pray for Ruthy and I as we seek to raise our children to know, love, and serve the Father. There is no such thing as an unfocused "good" parent. We are learning as we go along and it is a tough job and a joy.

About three years ago we lost our LLM office in a house fire. With our computers went our mailing list of our friends and supporters. About a year ago I began to piece together a new mailing list. The computer hard drive that contained that list was accidentally destroyed by Best Buy when it was taken in for service. So... we have depended solely upon e-mail and Facebook to keep everyone up-to-date with our activities. I have also been very negligent to express my great appreciation to those of you who have sacrificially supported this ministry and prayed for us. I actually just went through 2 years worth of envelopes that contained support checks that were stacked on my shelf. Some were never replied to. If you are one of those people who have wondered if your support was appreciated, the answer is YES! Not having a real office area has made it a little difficult to stay on top of "office" work but I am committed to make a new system work and stay in better communication with our friends and supporters. I want to be a blessing to those who bless us. How can we serve you? Please let us know.

Saving Babies
I have been blessed through the years to have several faithful team members who minister with me daily at the abortion clinics.
Please pray for us as we reach out daily at the killing centers.

We use code words while traveling in China so as not to bring attention to our true reason for being there. Gospel Tracts are "crumbs." Bibles are "Bread." Churches are "Clubs." Pastors are "Presidents." etc. We will be carrying over a ton of Gospel literature into China in Dec. Pray that it all gets in!

Gospel Outreach

Last week LLM joined forces with Brothers and Sisters from Good News Free Will Baptist Church for an outreach at VCU. We hope to make it a regular event on Fridays as we are able. Opportunities daily abound to share the Gospel on the sidewalks at the clinics also. Pray for us and those we encounter.

Please Pray
Dec. 2-22
Gospel outreach to Unreached Tibetan Buddhists and Hui Muslims in northwestern China

Tues. thru Fri. each week at Richmond area abortion clinics

Various Gospel Outreaches

Remnant Books
I and the children (Christian, Gabriel and Charity) have been putting many hours into building our family business, "Remnant Books." Our hope is to build a business that will someday provide support for the ministry outreaches of LLM and other ministry outreaches around the world. The next time you are looking to buy a book, please check with us to see if we carry it first. All money raised is put back into Gospel outreaches. You can visit our bookstore at www.remnantbooks.org.

Posted: November 1, 2011 8:30 PM
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