Ephesus Project

It takes a village to kill a child

Abortion clinics need a lot of help to remain open and to continue killing innocent children. Not only are "doctors", procedure room workers, and office staff needed, but so are plumbers, printing companies, and electricians.

The goal of the Ephesus Project is to identify and make public those businesses that associate and partner themselves with the child killing clinics of Central Virginia.

The Ephesus Project has several desired goals in mind.

1. To identify those who enable abortionists to continue their assault upon innocent children.

2. To reveal to the Church and business community, the names and addresses of those businesses that service and help maintain the abortion industry in Central Virginia.

3. To encourage churches, businesses and individuals to contact those companies which have aligned themselves with the abortion mills to voice their concern.

4. To encourage all churches, individuals and businesses to abstain from seeking the services of any company that seeks to profit from the shedding of innocent blood.

Ephesus Project Update

Several new companies have found thier way onto the Ephesus Project LIST. Let your voice be heard! Tell these companies that you will take your business elsewhere if they help Planned Parenthood continue their assault on the innocent preborn. SPREAD...

The Ephesus Project

This is an overview of the project and it's goals.

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