We have noticed lately that there are a lot of people that seem to feel that money is a bad thing and that they dislike it. We think that this is because many people have not got a good understanding about how to control money and use it to their advantage. We are therefore trying to do something about this. We want to help as many people as possible to be able to understand money better and then they will feel more in control and less stressed. Therefore, on this website we have put together information that we feel will help them. We feel that we can help by providing some articles with information in that could be useful about a range of different finance issues. We hope that people will be able to read these and will be able to learn a few things or make some changes based on the tips in the articles. We then hope that those few changes will lead to more and more changes being made so that they are able to get more in control. We hope that these will lead to them being able to improve their situation and not have such a bad relationship with money than they did before.